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Unless stated otherwise, the following information pertains Hotel Garni Belmont, Apart Hotel Albarella as well as Hotel Alpenroyal equally.

1. Check in / Check out

How do I get the Guest Card and what can I use it for?

Every guest receives their Guest Card during check-in. With it, you will be eligible for reduced Guest Card rates when buying your ski passes and in summer you will receive the super summer card free of charge.

I entered the wrong data at online check in

Simply send us the correct information via e-mail and we will fix it for you. Due to technical reasons, you cannot edit the online check-in data yourself after sending it the first time.
Please not that every person has the same arrival and departure date and check if the age of your children is entered correctly.

Is it possible to move into my apartment/room before 4.00 pm?

 On the day of your arrival, you may move into your room/apartment starting at 4.00 pm. 

Please note, that other than the time stated above we cannot reliably predict when any given room/apartment will be finished. In light of this, we refrain from giving any further estimates for when exactly your room/apartment will be ready for you.

until when can we use our room/apartment on the day of departure?

Check Out is until 10.00 am. Please make sure you have settled your bill and emptied your room/apartment the evening before. Please also take note that the parking area has to be cleared by 10.00 am as well.

When do I settle the bill?

For a hassle free check-out we ask you to settle your bill the day before your departure. Of course you may settle it any time before then.

2. General Questions about the Hotel and Services

Is there wifi?

There is free Wifi throughout the hotel.


Parking at our parking areas is free of charge starting on your check-in day and ending on your check-out day at 10.00 am.

If you prefer a garage, we can offer you a garage space for an extra fee at Hotel Garni Belmont.

Can we buy the ski pass at the hotel

Unfortunately, we do not sell ski passes at our hotel. You can buy them at the cable car ticket offices. Online orders are currently only available in combination with booking accommodation through the online booking tool on our website or through the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis website.

is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted inside the hotel. You may, however, smoke on the balcony after closing the windows and balcony door. Please use the ashtrays provided.

Can I wash my Clothes/do my laundry somewhere?

We offer a laundry service at our hotel which is charged per wash cycle. Simply hand your laundry in at the reception

3. Pets

Are dogs allowed?

Independent of size, race or fur-texture (etc.) the following applies: for your dog we charge a fee per day without food. Dogs are to be kept on a leash in all public areas of the hotel and are prohibited from entering the SPA area, the dining area as well as the lawn.

Which rules apply to my dog?

  • Dogs must be well educated and have to be kept on a leash in all public areas of the hotel
  • For hygienic reasons, pets are strictly prohibited from entering the SPA area as well as the dining area and lawn.
  • As a dog owner you are liable for damages caused to hotel property, other guests as well as causing (nocturnal) disturbances.


Other pets are not allowed.

4. Allergies and Food Intolerance

Are there Lactose free or Gluten free Foods available

Naturally, we take allergies and food intolerances into account when serving breakfast and dinner. Please inform us of your special needs a week before your arrival at the latest. Conscientious preparations take time.

Is the hotel allergy friendly

The high plateau of Fiss is ideal for allergic people, you can find detailed information here.

If you prefer allergy friendly bedding simply inform us a few days prior to your arrival. If you are sensitive to carpets, please check your confirmation of reservation to make sure you haven't booked a room or apartment furnished with them. Or better yet: state your allergy with your inquiry, and we will make sure to offer you something suitable. If you are in doubt of your chosen room/apartments furnishing, check the corresponding description on our website or contact us.

If you are allergic to animal hair, we ask you to take note of the fact that we do accept pets in our hotel, depending on how sensitive you are it might be advisable to refrain from booking at our hotel. We can not guarantee that a room/apartment was not occupied by a pet before you.

5. Apartments

Can I add Breakfast or dinner to my apartment reservation?

Breakfast and Dinner can be booked additionally to your apartment. You can find the prices under the tab "Fare" on each hotels homepage.

Breakfast is bookable on a day to day basis or for your whole stay. Guests from Apart Hotel Albarella get to enjoy breakfast at Hotel Garni Belmont which is a 5-minute-walk away and en route to the cable cars. 

Dinner can only be booked for the full duration of your stay. Guests from Apart Hotel Albarella and Hotel Garni Belmont will join our guests at Hotel Alpenroyal, which is a 5-minute-walk from Albarella and 10-minute-walk from Hotel Belmont away respectively. 

Please reserve in advance as there is limited availability. Prices as stated on our website. No refund for no-show.

do you provide Bed linen and towels

Yes, we do. You can find a full apartment inventory at your hotel's specific website under the tab "Apartments" -> "Details"

Are the apartments cleaned daily?

We offer daily cleaning as an additional service. If requested, we clean your apartment daily or as agreed upon beforehand. The service is calculated on the basis of the time spent cleaning.

We provide a vacuum cleaner, brooms and dishwasher detergents for free use

is there a toaster or an oven

Our apartments are not equipped with either a toaster or an oven.

is there a water kettle

Yes, there is an electric water kettle in every apartment.

What kind of coffee maker is there?

There is a drip coffee maker. Filter size 4.

6. Wellness/SPA

are children allowed?

Please note that children younger than 15 are not admitted.

swimwear in the SPA Area?

All of our SPA area is a strict nude area. Therefore: no swimwear allowed.


For a service charge, you may rent bathrobes at the reception. Towels for the SPA area are available free of charge.

7. Questions about the area: Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

What services are included in the super.summer.card (Summer 2019)

  • use of the cable car* in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
  • Adventure World Serfaus (Murmli Water, Murmli Trail, etc.)
  • Hög Adventure Park** (water labyrinth, swimming area with shallow water area, woodcutter playground, etc.)
  • Summer Fun Park Fiss** (Berta’s Air Slide, Kneipp centre, slackline park, Like-A-Bike, etc.)
  • hikers’ bus daily between the villages of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
  • kids' entertainment 5 days a week (MON to FRI, SUN information set) in the 2 kids’ clubs (Murmli-Club Serfaus & Mini&Maxi Club Fiss-Ladis)
  • Thomas Brezina’s Adventure Mountains (The Pirates' Trail in Serfaus, The Witches' Trail in Fiss, The Explorers' Trail in Ladis)
  • guided hikes in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

The Super.Sommer.Card is included in the apartment/room price

* excluding bike transport
** attractions subject to a charge are excluded

What ski schools are there?

In Fiss there is one ski/snowboard school: The Skischule Fiss-Ladis - for further information, visit

Is there a Skibus?

There is no skibus in Fiss.

The Hotel Garni Belmont is in the immediate neighbourhood of the cable cars and provides a free, heated ski storage area for your equipment.

Guests of Apart Hotel Albarella and Hotel Alpenroyal enjoy the comfort of free ski storage units directly at the cable cars. Without being weighted down by any equipment you can easily reach the cable cars on foot within 10 minutes.

where can i rent ski equipment

We recommend Intersport Pregenzer and Sport Krismer in Fiss. There is a discount for advance orders at their webpage.

How is the weather? How much snow is there?

For up to 5 days ahead experience has shown that bergfex has the most accurate weather forecast for Fiss.

Snow height, fresh snow, wind... in detail:

For some real-time visuals we recommend the live cams:

8. Questions regarding reservations

The amount of people per room/apartment has changed

If there are more  people than agreed upon in the confirmation of reservation arrive, the price will be new calculated. Please inform us about the changes as soon as possible.

I have to cancel my reservation. how do i proceed?

First off: we recommend to take out a travel insurance when making the reservation. 

In case of a cancellation the terms and conditions of cancellation - which are stated in our conditions of reservation - take effect. You received the conditions of reservation either as a link or as an attachment with your confirmation of reservation.

In order to kickstart the process of the cancellation simply write us an e-mail. Stating:

  • The name under which the reservation was originally made
  • The timeframe of the reservation you want to cancel
  • The room(s)/apartment(s) you wish to cancel
  • The room(s)/apartment(s) you wish not to cancel (if applicable, please highlight)
  • Documents you require from us for your travel insurance (if necessary)

Please note that we cannot accept oral cancellations.

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