Turning your holidays in Fiss into something special is our heartfelt desire. We are always happy to see the known faces of our recurring guests – some of which have been with us from the very beginning. We also welcome our new guests and endeavour to turn your best time of the year into the most relaxing time possible. 

We are looking forward to you!
Your Family Geiger


Our man of the house who is also our jack-of-all-trades – be it planning and executing of renovations and alterations, repair work, snow shovelling or catering to our guests needs. What’s more as a graduate ski instructor and lover of nature he’ll be your go-to person for insider tips in summer like winter.


Mrs. Geiger is in charge of interior decoration and flower arrangements. She also sets great store on maintaining scrupulous cleanliness throughout our hotels. She always has an open ear for wishes and desires of our employees and is the “good spirit of the house” who looks after our guests with her special charm.


Melanie finished her A-levels in 2009, after five years of tourism centred education. Since then she has been collecting work experience by taking work sojourns in the US, Italy, France and Switzerland as well as working varying regional establishments of high repute. She took up a post as flight attendant with Lufthansa to further her horizon even more before finally deciding to return to our family establishment and incorporate her experiences.

Eva-Maria Geiger

After finishing her A-levels in a tourism and business centred school in 2011, she went to university to study computer science. She is responsible for everything IT as well as to make sure that the everyday workflow and by extension your inquiries and questions run like a well-oiled machine. If she isn’t busy improving our infrastructure you’ll meet her at the reception, where she’ll be happy to help you with your holiday program.

Carina Geiger

Carina finished her A-levels in a tourism and business centred school in 2016 and went to study commercial law in Innsbruck. She’s our charming nestling who will always greet you with a smile and will deal with any of your requests with a great amount of care.

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